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Foreign trade clerk

Working place:
Guangdong-Shenzhen-Baoan District
Affiliate department:
Campus Recruiting
Recruiting number:
Job nature:
Full time
Years of working:
No limit
Education background:
Regular college
No limit
Release time:
2019/01/05 10:35
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description of job

1.College degree or above (International Trade / Marketing / English and other majors) is preferred, English CET level 4 or above, proficient in English communication.

2. Familiar with the operation of B2B platform such as Alibaba, able to upload, update and manage products, effectively increase the exposure and inquiry volume, at least half a year of foreign trade experience.

3.  Have a certain ability to develop the market, have strong organizational coordination, communication, contingency and business negotiation capabilities, and be able to independently develop customers.

4.  A positive working attitude is very important.

5. Obey the management, obey the arrangement, the team honors the supremacy, and is willing to cooperate with the company for long-term cooperation and development.

6. According to the company's market goals and directions, use the company's foreign trade platform to develop new customers and continuously improve sales performance.


Job responsibilities

1. Use search engines and various international popular social software to develop foreign markets and proactively approach customers.

 2. Handling customer enquiries, creating customer files, product files, and being good at managing computer files.

 3. Follow the production, inspection and shipment of the product to track the customer's product usage.

 4. Actively complete other tasks temporarily assigned by superior leaders.